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It is an emerging innovation-focused neighbourhood for diverse entrepreneurial communities. In MiZa, there is no industry bias. Instead, there is a recognition that innovation and disruption often require an otherness, a set of unique perspectives, a blurring of lines or even a challenge of conventions to really flourish.


As an infrastructure of the future, MIZA is a place to welcome original thinking, invention and reinvention, where new opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaboration are literally around the corner, and where new ideas can be translated across sectors to create unexpected value.


MIZA is not a small step forward – it is a leap. It is a new movement for innovation that allows us to challenge convention, uplift entrepreneurial talent, and, most importantly, build our capacity to think differently.

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So, if you had

a warehouse, what

would you do with it?

For decades, Mina Zayed’s geographical location and history have allowed it to become the epitome of culture, trade, and commerce within Abu Dhabi. Amidst the traditional bustling markets along the water’s edge sits a linear grid of multi-use warehouses. That right there is our neighbourhood, MiZa; a physical manifestation of the open, flexible and simply-not-fussy spaces creative practitioners have always longed for. 

People with big ideas see the world differently, and thus, have always sought spaces and communities they can experiment in; from what they do to how they do it. MiZa is a response to that, providing not only the spaces but also the foundations for a community of practice to grow and flourish. 


We recognize the importance of experimentation in the recipe towards a healthy SME culture, and the need for a space that is reactive to the needs of the creative process.




Now, let's talk about the spaces.

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