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Geographically, historically and culturally, Mina Zayed occupies a position near Abu Dhabi’s heart. For decades, Mina Zayed has been a centre of trade and exchange, with markets and vendors selling seafood, plants, carpets, and other goods along a water’s edge. Here, a slice of Abu Dhabi’s maritime heritage lives on. Here, the everyday still exists. The past does not need to be disconnected from the future.

Mina Zayed?

What does
the word MIZA mean?

MiZa is an acronym for Mina Zayed - the neighbourhood we call home. In Arabic, the word ميزة means a ‘defining and/or unique characteristic’. How fitting for the only pitched-roof neighbourhood in Abu Dhabi and the businesses that will help shape it.

purely for artists and designers?

Absolutely not! MiZa is anti-disciplinary. It is for people with a unique approach to their work; whether they are in traditionally "creative" sectors or not. If you have a new way of doing things or a new thing, this is for you.


This is a community of passionate entrepreneurs with a unique set of behaviors - rather than any specific industries or verticals.

People with unique, novel, or creative ideas who have been able to turn them into ventures, businesses, collectives, or organizations. 


With the right mix of industries and niches, MiZa’s community will be truly symbiotic - encouraging creative exchange in ideas, services, and dialogue. The best way of predicting the future is to invent it.

Who is MIZA designed for?

What will
MIZA look
like in the future?

MiZa has been envisioned as a neighbourhood for people to work, live, create & learn. There will be a mix of uniquely designed loft apartments, and flexible workspaces that can accommodate a multitude of uses.

It is a composite ecosystem of many parts, where art, design, science, technology, commerce, creativity, and innovation are all interrelated, and the ideas and potential of one sector can feed another.

What are some highlights of the future community?

Four pioneer projects have been commissioned to kickstart MiZa - a makerspace, a creative businesses incubator, a food hub and artist studios.


They will create a micro-ecosystem that illustrates our ambition to foster a new movement for innovation and our commitment to supporting new forms of learning, working, and making.

When is
all this happening?

MiZa is taking an organic approach to development, with buildings/spaces becoming available for rental every few months. The first set of spaces, accommodating between 10-12 concepts, will


be delivered in Spring 2023. Later, we will see more spaces coming online every few months, regenerating the area, warehouse by warehouse.

What is
the process for renting space?

MiZa will be launching the first Open Call for businesses and collectives in Spring 2022. A short application form will be available on our website, accompanied by more detailed information on the neighbourhood, selection criteria, process, and timelines.

What will
the rents
look like?

MiZa is committed to providing affordable and flexible rent structures for its tenants. We understand the need for affordable rents to allow businesses to focus on their development and growth.

Why a warehouse?

Warehouses are not bounding – they are working buildings, unfussy, with a knock-about character. Repaired and reimagined, MiZa’s warehouses, supported by purpose-built anchor buildings, will be excellent platforms for innovative companies to work on transforming ideas into exciting living concepts.

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