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What would you do with a warehouse?

Recognizing the importance of creative in-betweens, MiZa's spaces will be designed for both the flexibility of their potential uses and the imagination of the people within them. From microunits to full warehouses, there is no industry or practice that will be unable to make it their own. 

This neighbourhood will grow organically, with the first set of concepts
launching in Mid 2023.


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warehouse spaces-divided.png

a space within

These chunks of spaces within a full warehouse all have their own external access. With a range of sizes available, these can be transformed into workshops, retail concepts, working spaces or all of the above simultaneously.

These spaces are inspired by serendipitous encounters and every aha-moment we've ever felt in conversation.


50sqm - 400 sqm

*In MiZa metric, 250sqm is around the size of a tennis court

warehouse spaces-whole.png
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a full warehouse

A whole warehouse to yourself. This space is one that is full of possibilities and one that can be fully reimagined. Remember that warehouses are working buildings; unfussy with a knock-about character. 

warehouse spaces_title_space01.png

900 sqm

*In MiZa metric, 900sqm is around the size of two basketball courts

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Commonly referred to as semi-fitted, these are basic spaces with an industrial look and feel. The ceiling is exposed, the floors have a polished concrete finish, and the walls are painted a neutral colour.

Basic electric, life safety & HVAC systems are provided on the grid. These spaces have no restrictive design features and, thus, can be customized for a range of business practices and uses. 


A true blank canvas. It includes a warehouse and envelope, cladding, roofing, windows and doors, and basic mechanical, electrical, and safety connections to be distributed by you the way you need it to.


The interior is a warehouse shell with an exposed roof structure, concrete slab floor, and no internal partitions. It’s the sort of space that’s ideal for larger businesses taking up a full warehouse or more.

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