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One of our goals is to build the most multidisciplinary, driven and passionate team for both the business and the project. As such, we are always looking to find and meet great people that can help us grow the team and expand its capacities.

Join us.

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The perks.

Flexible Working Hours

The world has changed quite a bit over the past few years, and we understand that. Although we prefer to all be in the office together, we are flexible when it counts.  

All Are Welcome

All our spaces (indoor and outdoor) are pet friendly, we love having kids around, and friends are always welcome to use our living room for coworking.

We're always out and about

A major part of our work is getting to know the creative community around us. When we find new people, we go visit them where they are!

We're in the heart of the community

Located at the heart of Mina Zayed, our headquarters gives us the opportunity to host and connect with our community.

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